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Tridata Services Ltd was conceptualized and founded by President Dave Pederson in 2002.  After working in the Energy Industry in a marketing role, Dave felt that the old guard of Oil & Gas sales was changing.  As the industry grew more competitive and bid pricing became the standard procedure with Energy companies, it became clear that the next generation of sales personnel needed to be equipped with much larger networks of information and contacts.  Instead of simply hiring another sales person for your business, TDS could provide you with an exclusive Rep that is part of a much larger Team.  Within that team comes years of experience, hundreds of shared contacts and a collective knowledge of upcoming projects in many facets of the Industry.  Tridata Services Ltd then designed an exclusive software to track Drilling data which is used as an effective sales tool for the Team. 


Information + contacts = success


Having originally started with Pipeline & Facility contractors, it became clear that this formula could be used to represent MANY service providers. 

As the Industry continues to navigate itself out of a downturn in activity ,TDS has played a crucial role in keeping it's client base healthy and active throughout 2020 and beyond.

TDS has proven to be a business development and sales machine for all facets of the Oil & Gas Industry and continues to grow! 

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