1. My business sells a product not a service.  Does Tridata Services Ltd provide marketing for that?


Yes absolutely.  Whether we're selling a contractor's services or a business' product our Team will open doors and close sales.


2. My business offers a unique type of service.  How can Tridata Services Ltd help us?


Sometimes the largest obstacle a business can face is getting the word out about a new product or technology.  Market Analysis is a service we have provided to many businesses looking to establish their target market, build a strategy and set their sales objectives in motion.


3. How much does TDS charge for its services?


This is a very common question with a variety of answers.  We are working with businesses of all sizes and capabilities.  We generally work on a Base Salary + Commission basis.  Please contact us for more details.


4. I'm not looking for a marketing representative but would be interested in the Market Analysis service.  Is that possible?


Yes.  If you are looking to get an overview of the players and projects in your designated work area, TDS now offers a complete market analysis that is easy to understand and interpret.  We provide weekly and monthly activity reports that can help your business focus on expanding its market share. Please contact us for more details.


5. Does your Event Planning Service extend outside of the Energy Industry?


Yes.  Whether it's a company golf tournament, corporate fundraiser or annual Xmas party TDS can help.