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Oilfield Service Representation:


Established in 2002 TDS has helped build and maintain the client base for dozens of businesses through top quality sales and marketing representation in Downtown Calgary.  Many of our original clients are still clients today because TDS has proven time and time again that having a team of diverse marketing reps collectively working together to cultivate work opportunities through a collaborative environment is far more effective than the lone sales approach.  TDS also uses our in house exclusive Data Tracking software that we have designed to track activity in specific areas.  Through these avenues and a target marketing approach, our team is equipped to identify key companies and decision makers that affect companies business participation in upcoming projects and to strategically establish meaningful contact through ongoing beneficial relationships.

Market Analysis:


Who is active in your area?


What is your market share?


Who is going to be very active this year?


We understand that your business is busy and doing hours and hours of market research and analysis is not always an option.


Why not let us do it for you?


TDS has all of the information your business will need to stay in touch with the pulse of the Industry and is emailed to you in an easy to follow weekly report.  Ask us how!

Client Representation:


Since 2002 TDS has successfully built and maintained client bases for services such as:


•Pipeline & Facility Construction

*Drilling & Completions

*Electrical & Instrumentation

•Pile Driving

•Conductor Hole Drilling

•Engineering Services

•Pipeline Coating (Including In-Situ) & Liners

•Contract Pigging

•Pressure Testing

•Pressure Pumping

•HSE Services

•Geo-Mapping & Surveying

•NDT Testing

•Software & Tech Services

•Shop Fabrication

•...and MORE!

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